Glenlair opens its door to celebrate Maxwell’s 150th Anniversary

Glenlair will hold a public open day on Sunday 12th July 2015 to celebrate internationally
renowned physicist James Clerk Maxwell’s 150th anniversary of his great paper on
electromagnetism and light.

Glenlair opens its door to celebrate Maxwell's 150th Anniversary

Glenlair opens its door to celebrate Maxwell’s 150th Anniversary

As part of the UNESCO International Year of Light, the Glenlair open day is set to attract both local and international visitors who have both an interest in finding more about Maxwell the physicist as well as witnessing the beautiful surroundings of Glenlair, which was Maxwell’s family home for the majority of his life until his death on 5 th Nov 1879.

As part of the special open day activities, guests will have an opportunity to view the
recently renovated Maxwell Visitor Centre at Glenlair House and take part in one of a
number of guided tours around the property. In addition Glenlair’s spectacular gardens
will also be open to the public, thought to have been designed and planted in part by
Maxwell himself.

Musical entertainment from Father and Daughter duet Andy and Flora Munro and a
large tent selling delicious tea and cakes will make Glenlair open day a fun outing for all
the family to enjoy.

The Glenlair open day will run from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday 12 th July 2015. Entry is £5
per adult, children and car parking are free. All proceeds from the day will be given to
the Maxwell at Glenlair Trust, registered Scottish Charity No. SC030868.

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