James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell

A bird’s eye view of Glenlair

Glenlair Birdseye View

A bird’s eye view of Glenlair on the 190th anniversary of the birth of James Clerk Maxwell prepared for the Orkney Science Festival 2021.

Visit by Professor Isobel Falconer

Glenlair Yard Entrance

On a beautiful summer’s day, Professor Isobel Falconer, accompanied by her daughter Jennifer paid a visit to James Clerk Maxwell’s home at Glenlair. Until recently Isobel was the curator of the Cavendish Museum in Cambridge and as one might expect her knowledge of Maxwell and his life was encyclopaedic! One very interesting outcome of the …

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Visit by a group from Quests and Retreats

By the Lair burn

On a somewhat overcast and rather driech day, Glenlair was enlivened by the arrival of a group of enthusiasts led by Dr. Jan Hogarth and accompanied by the renowned harpist Wendy Stewart intent on discovering just how the setting, the scenery and the landscape influenced Professor James Clerk Maxwell in his pursuit of those mysterious …

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Visit by Professor and Mrs Philip Marston

Prof Marston outside the Maxwell visitor centre

Professor Marston and his wife Trude fulfilled a life-long ambition to visit the home of James Clerk Maxwell. Prof. Marston, who is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Washington State University has written extensively about Maxwell including co-authoring a new book entitled James Clerk Maxwell – Perspectives on his Life and Work recently …

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Glenlair opens its door to celebrate Maxwell’s 150th Anniversary

Glenlair opens its door to celebrate Maxwell's 150th Anniversary

Glenlair will hold a public open day on Sunday 12th July 2015 to celebrate internationally renowned physicist James Clerk Maxwell’s 150th anniversary of his great paper on electromagnetism and light. As part of the UNESCO International Year of Light, the Glenlair open day is set to attract both local and international visitors who have both an interest in finding more about Maxwell the …

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Visitor Centre Re-opens

Glenlair Visitor Centre July 2014

After almost a year, whilst the oldest part of Glenlair House was being rebuilt, the James Clerk Maxwell visitor centre is again open to visitors. For those Maxwell enthusiasts who would like to visit please make an appointment, by email to fergie@glenlair.org.uk

Eureka! Time Capsule found – Dated 25th March 1831

Location within building

On Thursday 26 September 2013 a most important treasure was unearthed amongst the ruins of Glenlair House. Whilst dismantling the South wall down to the original footings level, a large square stone was removed revealing a square cavity, in which was a glass jar standing upside down. The jar had been sealed with wax, which …

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Sad News

Sam Callander

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Sam Callander passed away peacefully in Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary on Friday 22 June 2012 after a short illness.   Followers of Maxwell will be very aware of the contribution made by Sam in tirelessly promoting the name and achievements of James Clerk …

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Professor and Mrs Maxwel return to Glenlair

Professor and Mrs Maxwel return to Glenlair

A fancy dress party in honour of the 40th Birthday celebrations of one of our trustees, Angus FERGUSON and his wife Frances (subsequently also elected as a Trustee) provided a splendid opportunity for a return visit by Professor and Mrs James Clerk MAXWELL to GLENLAIR HOUSE. After all, they were about to enter their own …

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James Clerk Maxwell’s Lightning Rod

Jim Rautio, President of Sonnet Software, talks about the lightning rod from Glenlair House, the former home of James Clerk Maxwell Link to video