The Maxwell at Glenlair Trust

Registered Scottish Charity
No. SC030868

Portrait of James Clerk MaxwellA Charitable Trust has been established to conserve and preserve for the benefit of the public Glenlair House, the family home of James Clerk Maxwell. The initial aim of the Trust was to put in hand works to stabilise the building known as Glenlair House, thereby guaranteeing as far as possible its continued existence and by so doing establish a permanent monument to the life of James Clerk Maxwell. The majority of that work has been completed in the past two years, but there now remains the task of maintaining the stabilised structure, the surrounding grounds and the visitor centre. This commitment is ongoing and will require to be funded by the Trust.

Charitable donations are invited from individuals, institutions and societies with an interest in retaining for posterity the house where Maxwell returned every summer for holiday fun and adventures as a child, for “anchoring” as a teenager, for refreshment as a professor, and to recollect and centre his private universe while he was deciphering the invisible universe with his formidable mathematical thought.

Donations should be forwarded to ‘The Maxwell at Glenlair Trust’, Glenlair, Knockvennie, Castle Douglas DG7 3DF or remitted to the Trust Bank Account at The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Bankers to the Trust:
The Royal Bank of Scotland,
133 King Street,
Castle Douglas, DG7 1NB,
Tel: +44 (0)1556 502361

Trustees of the Maxwell at Glenlair Trust:-
Dr James C. RAUTIO PhD
Mrs Samantha J PECK MA
Mrs Emily L M F Reid BSc(Hons) MSc
Mr Sam Callander

Architects to the Trust:-
A C Wolffe & Partners,
The Toll House,
Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2JA
Tel: +44 (0)1557 814300
Fax: +44 (0)1557 814344