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The Urr District Salmon Fisheries Board

Rules And Recommendations For Fishing On The Urr And Tributaries

River Urr District Salmon Fishery Board Rules

  1. Salmon season: 25th February to 30th November incl. Trout season: 15th March to 6th October incl.
  2. All juvenile salmon (fry, parr, smolt) unclean and gravid salmonids must be immediately returned unharmed if caught.
  3. No Sunday fishing for salmon or sea trout.
  4. No angler shall fish or take, or attempt to take any fish neither by means of rake, drag hook or creeper, nor by snatching or stripping in any manner of way.
  5. All foul hooked fish must be returned to the river.
  6. Anglers are to record by numbers, weight and species all salmon, sea trout, herling and brown trout taken and report these to the proprietor at the end of each day’s fishing.
  7. No set lines.
  8. Rod caught salmon and sea trout will not be sold.
  9. No angler may fish with more than one rod at any time.

Urr District Salmon Fishery Board conservation recommendations:

  1. All trout under 250mm (10 inch) should be returned unharmed.
  2. Angling for salmon should not commence prior to 15th March to protect kelts.
  3. No prawn or shrimp fishing.
  4. No worming should take place during November.

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