Future Restoration Plans

Apart from the replacement of one internal lintel in a lounge window and further stabilisation work on the end wall of the original (1842) house built by James’s father John Clerk Maxwell, there are no plans for additional restorative work at this time. The maintenance programme will include repair of wall heads and the like …

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Glenlair House Restoration

Structural Damage

The first point that needs to be made is that the Trust has no plans for restoration of Glenlair House. The structural damage inflicted by the fire in 1929, aggravated by the ravages of time and weather, is such that any restoration would involve in all probability a total clearance followed by a complete rebuild. …

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Jan 12 2010

The Last Lintel

Joe assesses the situation

With snow lying and permafrost deep into the ground, Joe Smith felt that it was an ideal opportunity to replace the missing lintel above the large south-facing window in the west wing, which has been supported by one of my acro-props since the middle of last year. His reasoning, sound as ever, was that the …

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