James Clerk Maxwell

Glenlair: A brief Architectural History

Figure 1

By Prof. Jordi Cat of The Department of History and Philosophy of Science Indiana University, USA Architecture around the turn the late 18th-century would become the arena in which religious controversies, political debates and cultural, philosophical and scientific ideas were expressed. To understand Glenlair one must remember that John Clerk Maxwell (1790-1856) and his son …

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Aug 06 2011

Professor and Mrs Maxwel return to Glenlair

Professor and Mrs Maxwel return to Glenlair

A fancy dress party in honour of the 40th Birthday celebrations of one of our trustees, Angus FERGUSON and his wife Frances (subsequently also elected as a Trustee) provided a splendid opportunity for a return visit by Professor and Mrs James Clerk MAXWELL to GLENLAIR HOUSE. After all, they were about to enter their own …

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Jun 16 2011

James Clerk Maxwell’s Lightning Rod

Jim Rautio, President of Sonnet Software, talks about the lightning rod from Glenlair House, the former home of James Clerk Maxwell Link to video

May 23 2011

Visit by IEEE Members


On a wet and windy day 26 members of the IEEE braved the elements to visit Glenlair. After an early start from Edinburgh, they arrived at Glenlair around 1020 where they were greeted by the Fergusons and led inside Glenlair Lodge (the old servants quarters) where they were delighted to be offered tea, coffee and …

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Dec 16 2010

STARS: Maxwell’s Equations

Maxwell’s Equations provide a complete description of electromagnetic phenomena and underpin all modern information and communication technologies. They are named after James Clerk Maxwell, the Scottish physicist whose pioneering work during the second half of the 19th century unified the theories of electricity, magnetism, and light. The theory of electromagnetism was built on the discoveries …

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